Disclosure Policy

We would like to disclose that this website (VapingDeals.net) does contain affiliate links. When we mention a vaporizer/store/offer through an affiliate link, this site receives a small commission if a sale comes from our website. This site is run on and funded by these nominal revenues, and it won’t add up to your product price, as this is shared to us by the vendors of these products.

Return Policies

Almost every vaping products store which we promote carries a return policy on it, so you are always welcome to get your vaping product returned, if you are anything less than satisfied with anything you purchase through an affiliate link from our website. Please read each store’s return policy before you buy.

Only Trusted Websites

Additionally, we will NEVER promote any vaping products on this site which we don’t personally think are safe to use/buy from. We will also try to give as much information on whatever we are promoting so that you can know how it works, how it benefits you, and what benefits you can expect using that product or service so that you can make the most educated decision. We recommend that you always do your own research and exercise your own due diligence before making a purchase, as well.

If you have any additional questions on our disclosure policy or disclosure policies on general, please contact us.